Brett Ferguson's 10 Day TRAVEL TABATA Program

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NYC's Brett Ferguson (CrossFit L1 Coach), has programed this 10 Day Travel Tabata Program specifically for the traveler who is looking for a high-intensity workout that doesn't take up too much time while traveling.

Each day consists of FOUR TABATA WOROUTS (16 minutes total). Warmup/mobility, Strength, Metabolic Conditioning and Core.
"I'm a musician, CrossFit coach and, as of this year, a traveler. I somehow ended up working for a tech company and after just over a year of that I had had enough. I wasn't writing music anymore, I wasn't enthusiastic about going to the gym, and because I didn't feel a connection with the work I was doing, I felt a lack of purpose. I knew I had to make a change. I decided to quit my job and travel for as long as I could with the money that I had saved. I had never been to Europe and wanted to see a lot without feeling rushed, or if I was drawn to a place, leave myself the flexibility to stay in one place for a while. 


I have been able to do workouts with Tabata Songs in all 12 countries I have visited this far, including 13 CrossFit gyms. This has been a challenge and a lot of fun, it has helped me connect with CrossFit gym owners all over Europe and has helped to start many random conversations- like when onlookers ask why the hell I am doing burpees on the Old City Wall in Dubrovnik! 


In my travels I discovered that I love learning, human interaction and the fitness community around the world. I'm excited to share my travels with everyone and hope that it will inspire some random Tabata fun the next time others choose to go on an adventure."  -Brett Ferguson