How to Get a Royalty Free Tabata Songs License

How to purchase a license to use Royalty Free Tabata Songs in my videos and monetize them?


  1. Download/purchase a Royalty Free Tabata Song
  2. You will receive an email with an Order #
  3. That Order # is your License #
  4. Add the song(s) to your video
  5. Upload your video to YouTube
  6. In the YouTube Video Description add the following
    • Music by Tabata Songs: License # [insert order number]”. 
  7. If there are multiple orders, separate order numbers with commas. Example:
    • “Music by Tabata Songs: License # 22067449, 22067421, 22067441”

FREE Downloads

  • If the song you are using is a Free Download, you will not receive an Order #
  • Please credit the track using the following format:
    • “Music: [Insert Song Title(s)] ” by Tabata Songs. Used with permission by Tabata Songs. 

Social Media

We don’t require you to include your License # for song usage in social media content. 
However, we do appreciate you tagging @tabatasongs and/or #tabatasongs anytime you can!!!

More questions? See our FAQ page.


Copyright Claims

If you receive a YouTube copyright claim, don't panic! 

Follow the instructions HERE.