For fitness creators

Royalty Free Tabata Songs

Who is it For?

Fitness Creators

Royalty Free Tabata Songs were created specifically for the online fitness trainer/creator. Just like our Premium Tabata Songs, each song guides the listener through the Tabata protocol. Tabata Songs are used by some of the top fitness trainers on YouTube.



4 Million Youtube Subscribers

"Tabata workouts just aren't the same without Tabata Songs!"   -Anna

How it works

  1. Download a Royalty Free Tabata Song
  2. Save your Order #
  3. Add the song(s) to your video
  4. Upload your video to YouTube
  5. In the YouTube Video Description add the following:
    Music by Tabata Songs: License # [insert order number]
  6. If there are multiple orders, separate order numbers with commas. Example:
    “Music by Tabata Songs: License # 22067442, 22067448, 22067449"

For421, 22067441”